When I was younger, I didn’t believe in psychology at all.  It look sort of a girl thing to relate reality more to thoughts and words than to action.  At university studying literature, I was fiercely opposed to any form of psychological reading.  The diazepam online buy valium cheap no prescription psychology at work when reading is that of the readers, not that of the author.  There is no external truth that can come to you through reading directly, because it is always first filtered through the mind of the reader.  The result of reading (often, for me, this is a piece of writing) can only contain some truth about the reader.  Still, I believe this truth, however flimsy, is the only piece of ‘truth’ cheap celexa online that can be had in this life.

-Who are you to criticize everybody and everything?
-I don’t know who I am, so I am just trying to be ‘me’ in my confrontation with reality.

I visited some psychiatrists, looking for truth about me, but it seemed like such an endless path to explain everything, before then surrendering to a “now you tell me what to do” that would never work. So, despite all, I had to conclude that

a psychiatrist is a psychiatric patient who has managed to turn their therapy into a financial enterprise.

"You really can't draw fuck, but the text are kinda funny." -- "I don't draw cartoon because I have something to say, but to find out what I've got to say."
“You really can’t draw fuck, but the text are kinda funny.” — “I don’t draw cartoon because I have something to say, but to find out what I’ve got to say.”

Ceci n’est pas un Peumans

De woordvoerder van Peumans vindt dat de evidentie zelve. ‘We konden toch geen Franse tekst in het Vlaams Parlement laten uitdelen?’, reageert Luc Demullier. ‘We keurden het ontwerp af, maar het was te laat om het te wisselen. De Vlaamse regering betaalt zowel Hoet als Vandenbossche 10.000 euro om curator te spelen, dan is het toch celexa prices niet te veel gevraagd om een prent zonder Franse tekstballon te kiezen?’

Peumans haalt uiteindelijk zijn slag thuis, en met een beetje goede wil heeft die lege tekstballon ook wel iets. Hij kan de creatievelingen onder ons misschien inspireren… (De Standaard, 16/05/2013)