RELEASE – Devil in Disguise


listen to ‘Devil in Disguise’ now!

Ok, by now it has become clear that the release of Same Boat, Another Sea last week was an absolute failure.  This is however, good news for the people who did download the album and now clearly distinguish themselves from the other 6.999.999.994 human beings on the planet.

Still, artists should never moan or whine unless it is in a musical and funky fashion – remember Robert Johnson had to play every day he wanted to make some money.  Not to mention the number of days anybody has to play before they make any money.  Nowadays, the Roberts among us have to produce tracks that can stand up to those shoved down our throats by the media, commercials and the State.

Real independent artists should do what labels cannot do: release hi-res music for free. Because you do not need a record label, you are your record label, you don’t need anybody else.

This being buy cheap celexa online said, the current track only seems to be ‘more of the same’ — it is more electric than any track on Same Boat, though still rooted in a guitar & vocal 1-take backing track. For the first time, some fuzzy distortion tries to do some pads that would generally be played with synths or other keyboards.  All electric guitar parts are played on my Epiphone Les Paul:

2001 Epiphone Les Paul
2001 Epiphone Les Paul

It was purchased a few years ago off ebay, for some €150, because one pickup didn’t work.  When I got it home, it turned out that the volume pot for treble pickup was completely dead.  I replaced the pots, and soldered in an old mojo-laden capacitor, for signature vintage tonez!

Les Paul wiring with oil-paper capacitor.
Les Paul wiring with oil-paper capacitor.

Also replaced strings on the S&P for the heaviest mothers on the block: now I’m fighting some fret buzz…

Twining's & Martin
Twining’s & Martin