Vrijstijl (2002)

Luister naar ‘De Vrijstijl’!

Eigenlijk geïnspireerd door Afromans hit ‘Then I got high’, probeert Vrijstijl een Nederlandstalige hiphopnummer te zijn.  De obligate scratches moesten natuurlijk uit platen komen die in het collectieve geheugen zitten: Urbanus was een evidente keuze.  Harmonisch is het nummer gewoon identiek aan Afroman, maar dan in mineur: Im – IVm – Im – Vm.

Inhoudelijk bevat het, zoals hiphop past, enkel de waarheid.  En de waarheid is dat ‘de waarheid’ niet bestaat – dat de enige manier om dit leven zin te geven is, er zelf zin voor te verzinnen. De enige manier, volgens mij, voor de mens om interne buy celexa online vrede te bereiken is om oor te hebben voor jezelf. Alle filosofische vragen zijn ultiem beantwoordbaar, maar niet zonder oog te hebben voor je eigen neigingen, gewoontes en gedragingen. Dit is wat het betekent te leven als moderne mens zonder god — en het begint bij met een glimlach je eigen mislukking te accepteren.

Eeuwige dank aan MC Snuffelhond, zonder wie deze track nooit geboren was, maar die zijn eigen performance zo slecht vindt, dat ik soms twijfel om het te publiceren. Maar het blijft een leuk ironisch nummertje, niet meer, niet minder…

Likkle Station Dub (2002)

Likkle Station Dub (featuring Jah Tournel)

Likkle Station Organ version (featuring Jah Tournel)

When in the early 90’s the Trojan label started rehashing their catalogue into thematic box sets, reggae affinadoes cried, but they didn’t stop.  Somewhere towards the end, this came out:


It seems like flogging a dead horse, until you hear ‘Old McDonald Ska’ or Gregory Isaac’s rendition of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’…  Still, music always seeks to tap into a collective consciousness, by picking melodies from familair social contexts (initally church, the home, but later musicals, television). Like listening to John Coltrane …. playing Mary Poppins!

The whole idea behind the dub project was that any melody or progression could be dubified and still sound good.  So I had this backing track prepared and asked Chef T to do some keyboard leads, as the latter was on a trip into the first integrated midi-setup on pc. This meant that the pc was used as a sound bank (in the way everybody buy celexa usa uses usb midi keyboards now), so it had to do all the computing for the sound synthesis.  In case of computer crash in those early, we kept the bottle of SC within arm’s reach…

In true dub style, the first idea that popped up, materialized.  I think I suggested using the Dutch children’s song “In een klein stationnetje” as the basis for the lead.  This created some problems, as the backing track was a minor chord progression and “In een klein stationnetje” is in a major key.  But Chef quickly transposed the line into the minor scale, an approach copied by Allen Toussaint some four years later, when he rewrote his classic Tipitina in the minor scale for a song written by Elvis Costello.



All final editing, cutting and post-production involved supressing a lot of the played material, muting tracks and all. Hence, two final mixes were produced, one containing the full, undubbed-up leads. Enjoy.

The Girl from Brownsville, Texas (2001)

listen to ‘The Girl From Brownsville TX


This song was recorded in the wake of attending a Jim White concert at Les Jardin Botaniques in May 2001.  I think he must have played the song as an encore, it was not part of either his first album or No Such Place, the offering he was promoting on that tour.  Some time later, I found a recording of the song on a VPRO 3voor12 lores cheap celexa realplayer stream, played on the Crossing Border festival (24-25 October 2001).

The VPRO was of a very bad quality and I only used it to sort make out the words, even though the audience noise simply drowns out his acoustic performance.

Recorded with just a SM-58 microphone. White never released this song until a few albums later. I heard it once, but never care to listen again. Not going to start now…


Matched Pumpkin (1999)

Listen to Matched Pumpkin!

There are a lot better tracks that I could release — but I chose to dust off a dinosaur.  It’s left unfinished (there is no bass!) — it’s very over the top, although the main guitar riff and even the chorus as a whole, may have potential. There is also a somewhat ok ‘Twist-and-Shout’ like bridge completely to the end of this 2 min track.

This blatantly vitriolic track was composed while working for the KBC Bank — in this charming Italian palace in the most dreary part of the center of Brussels.


I worked there as a temp, “matching accounts.” Over the years, the department of stocks and shares had lost over €400 million worth of stock was simply gone missing.  Transferals had not been debited or credited on either side.  The only way to find out was to go back over the accounts and check the differences, and where they went. For the last years, this was on digital record, but before that there was a pile of paper records.  In charge of the whole operation was a very intelligent but silent civil engineer who’d programmed the digital interface, but had given up (perhaps even life itself) without complaining or saying anything.  Because the job was so tiresome and distressing none of the bank’s employees wanted to do it, so they hired me, a 20-year old mother and a complete retard who was a classical musical genius to do the task.

KBC Bank is 100% “black money” – black as the Flemish farmer’s soil it originated from, black as the blackjacket priests who used it to deposit the money they weren’t supposed to have (or keep) and the black as the skin of the Congolese people who paid for it dearly. (Maurice from Financial Audit Department – 25 years at KBC)

The rest of the bank employees were in fact transferred from the Bank van Roeselare, a smaller bank bought out and closed by KBC in 1996. It couldn’t be integrated into the big bank, these suckers didn’t even use computers yet. So the employees were transferred to Brussels, for financial manual labor. Which they eventually outsourced to temps like me.

After some months, I couldn’t take it anymore and told the manager that if he didn’t change his approach, this would be leading nowhere.  He said they were working on it.  No more than 6 months later, the department was closed down and KBC took their losses. €400 million.

The Kredietbank would be the only Belgian financial institution under Flemish control which would survive the financial crisis of the great depression of the 1930s. Fernand Collin, who became president in 1938, conceived the business strategy which would lead to the growth of the bank. He defined the Kredietbank as an independent bank with a decidedly Flemish character which would be an instrument to further Flemish economic growth.

Even if Flanders isn’t an independent state in itself, it does have a state bank. As was the case in the 1930, during the recent bank crisis the government again stepped in to save the bank. It gets away with it simply because almost every decent Catholic household is a client at this bank.  Or works for it… because from all over the country –from the mistly slopes of West-Flanders to the dampy field of Limburg– little nepotistic, Catholic protégées commute to the Havenlaan every day… because nobody wants to live in Brussels.  Still there are no jobs worth anything around the country.  Well, who doesn’t want to work in an office that looks the ones you see on TV?

2011-05-13-10-53-58_kbc3 images


Ole’ Times (2000)

listen to Ole’ Times (mp3, 224kpbs)

This track more than any else sums up the early days of homerecording, both in thematics and sound.  It was, as I remember it, my first home recording that really turned into something that kind of sounded like a song.  It had so many flaws that it is a miracle it survived: the sequencing was off, the original guitars riffs were played a half tone above standard tuning. All recording were audio only, the drums were taken from the Kat’s Wicked Drums CD.

a bottle of SC posing with Janis

Chef T contributed bass and organ lines, after we had to spent some time trying to adapt the bass and keyboard tuning.  Note how the basslines almost completely re-invents the track just from the scale – as there is no rx generic buy zithromax generic celexa online cheap antibiotic real melody leading the track.  When later, we tried to rehearse this track, I almost had to completely reinvent the chords because until this day, I don’t exactly know the original chords I played.


Ole’ Times

If the blues didn’t get you further,

If you’re further down below,

Take a trip on grandma’s rockin’ chair

And make them records show.

You’re left hand will never know

The way the righteous flow.


When you’re funkin’ on a ole’ time,

With a six pack late at night,

Dieting on blackness and pizza and candle light

Ain’t nothing coming down like

You & I go down on ole’ times.


Take me home to Oklahoma,

Take me on the Mardi Grass,

Take me out to show me

What you got for me big momma

Smells like ice tea on the porch

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!


Streetcar Dub (2001)

After recording about 150 songs over 2 years and assembling 12 tracks into a small album Antiplasticsoulmanband in 2001, I mostly turned away from recording songs with vocals.  It all started out by an early remix of the track ‘Doctor Told Ya’ as ‘Doctor Dub.’  In a later buying celexa post, I will go into the history of this track.

I then proceeded to make some faux dubs (there is only the dub version) with crazy vocals and sound effects, but I also recorded this meditative instrumental Streetcar Dub.

Leuven, Augustijnenstraat, 2000
Leuven, Augustijnenstraat, 2000



Must I Wait (2001)

must i wait


here’s to thee.  at last.  but it wasn’t written about you, you know.  it’s more like you’re sitting around humming with your geetar going tadaa tada daa and somehow words tend to rain down from rock ‘n roll heaven like how-long must-I waaaiit and then, if it fits the music, you tend to answer — and it came quite naturally: until the feeling gets right. the rest of the chorus really evolved from that, but the verses were written after. there nothing of you in there (phew!), but there is philip larkin then there is god laughing down at him with the smile of a mannequin.  and the whole point is perhaps only that if i never really got through to you — you did get through to me and it came out here.  i lost myself completely, got reduced to ashes but am not afraid to show it — i know online pharmacy celexa now: that’s what life’s about.  The feeling never gets right, it only gets worse, and then you die.  probably you know, you were that old woman, right?  but then at the same time you were a child…  girl, you’ve turned forty now!  me i’m fine -i think- if you might wonder, maybe you don’t, still i think life’s preparing for death every day.  i don’t see doctors, because I’m convinced that if they check me out, they will declare me dead in two weeks – then i would get nervous and lose two weeks not knowing what to do first.  that’s stupid, because you are just waiting for that moment when everything become right.  No more pain and no more happiness, no more up’s and down’s, no to-and-fro’s, attraction-repulsion… it will be true bliss, all the way,



organ solo: chef tournel