Same Boat, Another Sea (2013)

Don’t Download the MP3 album now (128 kbps — 36.6MB) it really sucks!

 Don’t even Download the free FLAC (hi-res version) album now! 199MB and it still sucks!


  • 1. Key To The Highway Blues (02:29)
  • 2. Truckin’ Far Away (03:09)
  • 3. Reelin’ & Rockin’ (3:34)
  • 4. He’s Got All The Whiskey (3:17)
  • 5. Hesitate (2:58)
  • 6. Oreo Cookie Blues (2:51)
  • 7. Golden (3:27)
  • 8. Chocolate Jesus (2:26)
  • 9. Easy Piece (2:18)
  • 10. River Boat Song (2:24)
  • 11. Let Me Die In My Footsteps (3:38)
  • 12. End Of The Line (5:38)

2, 3, 7 & 9 (c) 2013 by Zjokka

*** all tracks recorded at home in Hoegaarden April 8th – 18th 2013 using Rode NT1-A & Shure SM-58 microphones, Eurorack MX 2004A & Boss ME-50 guitar preamp, 2001 Simon & Patrick’s Pro Mahogany, 1988 MIJ Fender Stratocaster loaded with Texas Specials (neck & middle) and Seymour Duncan Little ’59 (bridge), Cort bass, Cayuela (Sevilla) handmade Cajon and Davina Brésilienne nuts and recorded directly to hard disk in Audacity running in Ubuntu 10.0.4.

*** sleeve design by the great Steebz Khuan, peacefully monkin’ & honkin’ at

*** love, hugs & shouts to Niel, Remco & Morgane, whose love keeps my grounded (however slightly), but is more than I deserve, to Billie more and more and still…, to Ludo & Mia for more than life itself, to Deaflam for being the better friend, to Steebz for buddha aura, refuge, shelter with some dozen guitars all in different tunings, to Giah for ever too much love and musical encouragement as well as a home to a wondering wifi-webbing hobo, to Chef, without whom no recording would ever have happened, buy generic celexa online brother-in-digital-musical-arms, groove cook and gastronomaniac, to Zam for rocking, listening, geeking and most of all for being …er a being, to Harry, Batte, Freine, Trippas –the Lunaticrew (RIP!)– for endless hours of funning, jamming, learning, to Trico, Jan, Jan & Robby -wherever they are- for those early rockin’ days in the 80s, to however guarded the record collection of the public library in Geel during those days (the looks you got when you wanted to lend Clapton’s Crossroad box — they checked for scratches when you turned them in), to Wille & Toon for showing me the chords in De Bogaard in a course which cost 40 Bfr. for 10 lessons, to Dave for showing his multi-track desk in the mid nineties  – long detour to get back to the blues, to all those youtube-guitarists out there — anonymous losers like me — in the end I learned it all from you guys, to anyone wanting to make some music and having second thoughts… don’t…

Same Boat, Another Sea is distributed in a number of ways:

However, the complete album has been recorded without any government grants, unemployment allowances or other forms of ecofascist marketing. It should also be clear to the listener that none of the proceedings of the album will be donated to nearly extinct animals, water wells in Zambia, improvement of sea water quality — the artist will pocket every cent to feed his kids.

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