Must I Wait (2001)

must i wait


here’s to thee.  at last.  but it wasn’t written about you, you know.  it’s more like you’re sitting around humming with your geetar going tadaa tada daa and somehow words tend to rain down from rock ‘n roll heaven like how-long must-I waaaiit and then, if it fits the music, you tend to answer — and it came quite naturally: until the feeling gets right. the rest of the chorus really evolved from that, but the verses were written after. there nothing of you in there (phew!), but there is philip larkin then there is god laughing down at him with the smile of a mannequin.  and the whole point is perhaps only that if i never really got through to you — you did get through to me and it came out here.  i lost myself completely, got reduced to ashes but am not afraid to show it — i know online pharmacy celexa now: that’s what life’s about.  The feeling never gets right, it only gets worse, and then you die.  probably you know, you were that old woman, right?  but then at the same time you were a child…  girl, you’ve turned forty now!  me i’m fine -i think- if you might wonder, maybe you don’t, still i think life’s preparing for death every day.  i don’t see doctors, because I’m convinced that if they check me out, they will declare me dead in two weeks – then i would get nervous and lose two weeks not knowing what to do first.  that’s stupid, because you are just waiting for that moment when everything become right.  No more pain and no more happiness, no more up’s and down’s, no to-and-fro’s, attraction-repulsion… it will be true bliss, all the way,



organ solo: chef tournel