Likkle Station Dub (2002)

Likkle Station Dub (featuring Jah Tournel)

Likkle Station Organ version (featuring Jah Tournel)

When in the early 90’s the Trojan label started rehashing their catalogue into thematic box sets, reggae affinadoes cried, but they didn’t stop.  Somewhere towards the end, this came out:


It seems like flogging a dead horse, until you hear ‘Old McDonald Ska’ or Gregory Isaac’s rendition of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’…  Still, music always seeks to tap into a collective consciousness, by picking melodies from familair social contexts (initally church, the home, but later musicals, television). Like listening to John Coltrane …. playing Mary Poppins!

The whole idea behind the dub project was that any melody or progression could be dubified and still sound good.  So I had this backing track prepared and asked Chef T to do some keyboard leads, as the latter was on a trip into the first integrated midi-setup on pc. This meant that the pc was used as a sound bank (in the way everybody buy celexa usa uses usb midi keyboards now), so it had to do all the computing for the sound synthesis.  In case of computer crash in those early, we kept the bottle of SC within arm’s reach…

In true dub style, the first idea that popped up, materialized.  I think I suggested using the Dutch children’s song “In een klein stationnetje” as the basis for the lead.  This created some problems, as the backing track was a minor chord progression and “In een klein stationnetje” is in a major key.  But Chef quickly transposed the line into the minor scale, an approach copied by Allen Toussaint some four years later, when he rewrote his classic Tipitina in the minor scale for a song written by Elvis Costello.



All final editing, cutting and post-production involved supressing a lot of the played material, muting tracks and all. Hence, two final mixes were produced, one containing the full, undubbed-up leads. Enjoy.