The Girl from Brownsville, Texas (2001)

listen to ‘The Girl From Brownsville TX


This song was recorded in the wake of attending a Jim White concert at Les Jardin Botaniques in May 2001.  I think he must have played the song as an encore, it was not part of either his first album or No Such Place, the offering he was promoting on that tour.  Some time later, I found a recording of the song on a VPRO 3voor12 lores cheap celexa realplayer stream, played on the Crossing Border festival (24-25 October 2001).

The VPRO was of a very bad quality and I only used it to sort make out the words, even though the audience noise simply drowns out his acoustic performance.

Recorded with just a SM-58 microphone. White never released this song until a few albums later. I heard it once, but never care to listen again. Not going to start now…