Ole’ Times (2000)

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This track more than any else sums up the early days of homerecording, both in thematics and sound.  It was, as I remember it, my first home recording that really turned into something that kind of sounded like a song.  It had so many flaws that it is a miracle it survived: the sequencing was off, the original guitars riffs were played a half tone above standard tuning. All recording were audio only, the drums were taken from the Kat’s Wicked Drums CD.

a bottle of SC posing with Janis

Chef T contributed bass and organ lines, after we had to spent some time trying to adapt the bass and keyboard tuning.  Note how the basslines almost completely re-invents the track just from the scale – as there is no rx generic buy zithromax generic celexa online cheap antibiotic real melody leading the track.  When later, we tried to rehearse this track, I almost had to completely reinvent the chords because until this day, I don’t exactly know the original chords I played.


Ole’ Times

If the blues didn’t get you further,

If you’re further down below,

Take a trip on grandma’s rockin’ chair

And make them records show.

You’re left hand will never know

The way the righteous flow.


When you’re funkin’ on a ole’ time,

With a six pack late at night,

Dieting on blackness and pizza and candle light

Ain’t nothing coming down like

You & I go down on ole’ times.


Take me home to Oklahoma,

Take me on the Mardi Grass,

Take me out to show me

What you got for me big momma

Smells like ice tea on the porch

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!