A short note on the everliving chords of Richie Havens

Today, Richie Havens died.  You can read all about it all over the internet…

This morning I published some chord shapes that I discovered myself to play minor chords in open D tuning.  Richie always played in open D tuning. In fact, it can be as simple as fretting the top two strings in 2nd (Em 220000) 4th (F#m 440000) and 9th (Bm 990000) fret. In the cool tutorial on Richie Havens’ website I see this:

Richie Havens' B minor chord
Richie Havens’ B minor 7th chord

The only difference is that, because of his thumb approach, he can and does block the three top strings.  This is a very cheap celexa no prescription interesting voicing in that it doubles the B root on the 4th string, but it only has effect if the player strums the chords. This is power chording in open tuning at its best. For my personal picking style, this does not work, and it is often more interesting to get some higher voicings in the treble part (900890). Still, the track ‘Chocolate Jesus’ is played using my light version (990000) of Richie’s power chord (999000).

He also shows this cool mystery chord:

Richie Havens' mystery chord
Richie Havens’ mystery chord

If the thumb is in the 7th fret, this chord is a A9sus4…

The secrets of minor chording in open D tuning


The little, silly blues album I posted would never have been recorded without some sort of euphoric eureka on finally figuring out how to play both minor and major chords in an open D tuning.  It’s really very, very simple, but as yet I found no simple video on youtube explaining the fingering for the minor chords.

Now, the minor chords means: the chords that fit with the scale you are playing in. In the case of D major, we call D the Ist, G the IVth and A the Vth. The first minor chord to go with these major chords is a whole tone up from the Vth — so VI — in the scale of D that is Bm. If you extend a blues I-IV-V from this Bm chord, you get all corresponding celexa chords: Em an F#m.  These are only the natural minors, the ones that fit into the scale.

And these minors are very easy to play — two or three fingers, and it’s all just one shape…

  • Bm 9X0890 or Bm7 900890 or 990000 but you can also play X20000 and “hammer on” into the root
  • Em7 2X0120 or E9sus4 220000 or E11m 220100
  • F#m add D 4X0340 or 440000

These chords are used on almost every song, in different combination and rhythms, hammering on etc…  Also, the same basic variation in the root chord are used and re-used throughout. The riff on ‘Golden’ slides into the root to fall on a sus4 add 2 root chord before being dissolved again. D (004300) – Dsus4add2 (002100) – D (000000) Em7 (2000120).

mo’ laterz…