Bob Log III (Depot, Leuven)

Bob Log III from Tuscon, Arizona

This gig deserves some comments, because without it, Same Boat, Another Sea would never have been recorded.  It was also about going back to the roots of music. As Bob Log III says: “take the blues and turn it into a party.”  And to the everlasting remarks about being a novelty act he clearly says: “serious rock? I don’t know what that is… is supposed to be about having fun.”  That is what that silly set of songs is about too, about me having fun, and maybe someone else can enjoy it too.



Also check buy celexa no prescription this video about Bob’s philosophy:



He mentions Missisippi Fred McDowell, an innovator of rhythical electric slide guitar as in this dancing track:



He also mentions Screaming Jay Hawkins, and everyone know this track, but few have seen this crazy shit



foto 2(1)
Bob’s setup at the Depot in Leuven
foto 4
Shit on my leg, you pink witch!

foto 5

An important confusion seems to be about the guitars he is using — they are not Silvertone guitar, but Kay Airline Black Diamond series, hence the white diamond shape.

Kay Airline – Diamond series